In the early 2000's the abandonment of the Canadian Pacific railway threatened the demolition of the historic grain elevators that stood next to the railway in Nanton. The citizens of Nanton rallied together for the protection and preservation of the towns historical landmarks. The town formed a historical society named "Save One" as the original goal of the society was to save the largest of the two standing grain elevators.

The undertaking was a big one and it took three years to achieve. But the incredible effort put in by the many volunteers and local businesses proved to be so successful that they were able to save all three of the remaining buildings. The gracious donations provided by members, local farmers and ranchers and local businesses have helped in replacing the railway tracks next to the elevators and helped to restore one of the buildings to their former glory. The most notable restoration was painting the former Alberta Wheat Pool elevator back to its original green and the Pioneer elevator back to its original orange and yellow.

We are now in need of additional donations to keep the maintenance and restoration of our prairie giants. Please consider making a donation, thus allowing us to preserve our history and expand our impact to residents and tourists from across the globe.

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Our collection period is 1927 to 2000 which is the operational duration of our elevators. We will consider and collect artifacts which are from an earlier time period which would demonstrate the development of agriculture and systems directly linked to grain growing, handling, and sales.

We are specifically looking for items which are either directly associated with the Nanton elevators, the Canadian grain elevator system, CP Rail as it pertains to grain handling and operations, or the development of agricultural systems from our time period. The items can be photos, log books, catalogues and manuals, tools and equipment, all the way up to tractors and rail cars.

Once our board of directors goes over the acquisition, donation forms must be completed listing each item; arrangements for transport will then be made, as well as whether a tax receipt will be provided.

As much as we appreciate your thoughts of us, we are working to the best of our ability to hold to museum standards and cannot accept unannounced drop offs; please contact us first and we would be glad to go over your proposed donation with you. We will need some basic information describing the piece or pieces, their history, and some basic photographs.